Case Study

Educating a woman on institutional delivery and post natal care in Manguwal village, Nallagarh District, Himachal Pradesh

100_1056Heena is a 23 year old educated lady, who lives with her husband and in-laws.  Though educated but being married to a conservative family and unavailability of health facility in her vicinity deterred her from medical attention.  She is a housewife while her husband works as a driver. We had a chance meeting with her during our eye camp in the village. She was suffering from lower abdominal pain, our doctors in the camp advised her and her husband for immediate institutional delivery. She delivered a healthy baby. We advised her for regular post natal check-up. We revisited her after 2 days and appraised her on post natal care. We also told her that we are always there to help her out whenever she is in need. Heena visited us a few days later. Her child was suffering from soreness in one eye. Our doctors gave her the required treatment and taught her on how the cleanliness of the eyes should be maintained. Heena and her child is maintaining good health. Today the family is happy one. It was possible with the cooperation of her husband and her in laws.


Educating a family on sterilisation in Manguwal village, Nallagarh District, Himachal Pradesh

Meena is a 24 year old 10th pass women and a mother of two lives withDSC_0042 her husband  and in – laws. Her husband, Mohit  is 27 and works in a private company where he earns Rs 8000 per month. Considering the size of the family which consists of 6 members, Mohits earnings do not suffice the need of the family. After hearing about the family, we met Meena, on the 20th of November 2014. We spoke to her and other family members in detail. We enlightened the couple on family planning and the contraceptive methods available. We also spoke to them on temporary and permanent methods. The couple agreed to undergo permanent contraception wherein Meena showed more interest in the procedure. We told them about the immediate ambulance numbers 102 and 108 and that they can get the procedure done in the Nallagarh government hospital free of cost. We revisited the couple on 23rd December 2014. Meena had already undergone tubectomy by then. Meena was then told about cleanliness and personal hygiene that she should maintain. She was also told to take light and non-spicy food and to restrain herself from lifting heavy weight


Eradication of Scabies from Sakatpur Village in Gurgaon district in Haryana

scan0003A 30 year old women named Rukhsana approached IGD – DLF Primary Health Centre with a lot of rashes in her body complaining of constant irritation. Our doctor at the centre Dr A K Chakkar, examined her and diagnosed the cause to scabies. She was given treatment for the same. She was also made aware of the reasons for the disease and the precautions one needs to take to stay away from such ailment. It later came to light that the whole village is suffering from scabies. A team consisting of doctors and health workers visited the affected village and a mass treatment was prescribed for those suffering from the disease. Special classes were held in the village by Dr B Bharadwaj of Mamta Health Institute for Mother and Child and health worker Dharmendra for raising awareness on health, cleanliness and sanitation. Today, after a year, there is no person suffering from scabies in Sakatpur village.


Treating an anaemic woman for healthy delivery Shikohpur  village, Gurgaon District, Haryana

For Puja of Shikohpur village in Gurgaon district, it was her first visit DSCN1282-1024x768to a health centre. She was feeling unwell. Our doctors at the health centre run by the DLF foundation conducted a pregnancy test, the result was positive. Puja was very elated, but her haemoglobin percent was very low. It was only 6 grams against 12 grams which a healthy woman should have. She was briefed about the consequences if she continued to have low blood and that it could be fatal for both the mother and the child. Our doctors gave her a shot of tetanus toxoid, iron supplement and folic acid and suggested that she visits the clinic every two months till she delivers. She and her family members were educated by the ANMs on healthy food and a healthy life style that a women needs to adopt during this period. Puja visited the health centre regularly so that her health could be monitored. During the visits she and her family were motivated for institutional delivery. They showed full cooperation and she was hospitalised when she experienced labour pain. Her haemoglobin was 10 and she delivered a healthy baby weighing 2.5 kg.


Treating a child suffering from Vitamin A deficiency Hasanpur district, Uttar Pradesh

100_0835It was a nightmare for Rajesh and Poonam Devi of Hasanpur district in Uttar Pradesh when they realised that their loving four year old, Rohan is suffering from night blindness. They visited the health centre run by the DLF. Our doctors after thorough investigation came to the conclusion that the child is suffering from Vitamin A deficiency. The doctor concerned appraised the family in detail on the reasons for night blindness and what should be done in future to take care of such an ailment. They were also told that the medication should be started immediately. Rohan was given the first dose of medicine on the very first visit. And he was asked to come to the health centre for medicine every 15 days. Today, Rohan’s night vision has improved to a great extent. The Health workers of DLF then decided to conduct a study of similar cases in three villages of the district. But it was found that Rohan was only one such case and no other children were suffering from this deficiency. The health workers were appraised about the study.

Treating an anaemic Girl Sakatpur Village, Gurgaon district, Haryana

Laxmi a 15 year old of Sakatpur village was quite unlike other teenagers. IMG_4243While her peer groups enjoyed, played and took part in nearly every activity, life was out of gear for Laxmi. Unable to open up at home, Laxmi, daughter of Sita Devi and Nampal, decided to visit a DLF dispensary when she started suffering from  sudden bouts of headache. Our doctors at the health centre conducted various investigations and diagnosed that she was severely anaemic with a heamoblogin count of four grams only. Her parents were immediately called for and briefed about her health condition. She was given iron supplements for three months and her parents were asked to take care of her day to day diet. They were also educated on healthy food and how she should be taken care off so that she regains her health. Laxmi’s parents were quite cooperative and they did listen to the doctors very attentively. After three months, Laxmi regained her health and showed equal valour like any youth of her age. The doctors and health workers were very pleased to see a jovial girl after their treatment. Her parents also expressed their gratitude to the health workers. The DLF health centres together with the anganwadi workers then took up the responsibility to organise camps in educational institutions in around the area to trace anaemic children and treat them for leading a healthy life.