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A session organized by IGD at Zamrudpur Village, Greater Kailash, New Delhi about Vector-borne diseases

  • July 17, 2017

Mosquito breeding is very commonly & higher in the rainy season. Mosquitoes become the cause of Vector-borne diseases like malaria and dengue. These diseases are a group of communicable diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and other vectors. People suffer from a significant disease burden of these diseases.

IGD sensitize to the community about vector-borne diseases like malaria, filariasis, Japanese encephalitis, scrub typhus, dengue and Chikungunya transmitted through insects such as mosquitoes, sand flies Maintenance of good hygiene, pest very important to prevent the spread of these infectious diseases
We suggested the participants to keep a checklist to stop mosquito breeding as prevention mechanism is far better than the cure procedure.

  • Does not let water logging in and around your houses
  • Clean water cooler once in a week at least
  • Put castor or kerosene oil in blocked water
  • Clean corners of your house
  • Check unused scrap
  • If you feel feverish, go to the doctors first
  • Wear full sleeve clothes
  • Use mosquito coils or any other mosquito killer



July 17, 2017