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Sensitising the community about Antenatal care at Kadwali, Indore

  • May 15, 2018

Dr H N Pauddar sensitise the community about the Antenatal Care he said that as soon as pregnancy is confirmed following precautions should be taken.

Blood test for hemoglobin, sugar, hepatitis, blood group, H.I.V, urine examination, B.P check-up, any discrepancy report immediately to your doctor. Try to be happy throughout pregnancy period. Read good books to keep neat and clean environment during pregnancy. Minor bodily problem may arise for which self-medication should be avoided, consult doctor if necessary.
About 10 kg weight gain is normal till full term any variation. From 3 to 4 month folic acid tablets should be taken in addition to iron and calcium supplements.
Ultrasonography must be done twice at 4 months and before 6 months to detect any fetal abnormalities, the situation of the placenta amount of liquor.
Two injections of tetvac at an interval of 4 to 6 weeks should be given, foetal movement should be felt by mother if not report to the doctor. Once a month check up in 1st trimester fortnightly in 2nd and every weakness in the last month.
The mother should take good healthy diet, two hours rest in a day, avoid heavy work. Daily walking helps easy delivery. Bowel and bladder habits may alter in early pregnancy should not be bothered much. Register in well equipped hospital for delivery and get admitted timely.


May 15, 2018