We provide basic health amenities to the underserved population in both rural and urban area. We have technical professionals in maternal and child health and we liaison with both private and government entities to reach the target population.

Though India is considered one among the middle income nations, there are uncountable numbers of residents in the country who are yet to see proper structure to relieve themselves.Women in general are greatly affected as they have to wait for dark hours to move out and relieve themselves. Girls drop out of school mid-way as there is no toilet for girls in most schools. A steptowards the country’s Prime Minister NarendraModi’s dream of providing toilets for each and every household, we help erect such structures.

Foraying into an area towards clean India mission the institute also contributes towards recycling non-organic wastes and transforming garbage to useful resources for further use in agriculture.

It identifies and offers vocational training and also work for the placement of those youths who have dropped out of school and are on a look out for some other kind of endeavor.

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